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Climb Creative

Climb Creative

Climb Creative is a design agency operating in the digital and creative sector that offers on and offline design services (graphic and web-design services) for a broad range of clients.

Climb asked for our help to develop a clearer long term strategy for the business. By looking at their goals, both long and medium term we were able to solidify their overall business goals. We worked on their existing processes, challenging the current methods of working and creating a detailed actions plan to allow the operational delivery of the business strategy.

Through a series of on-site and off-site sessions we helped Climb establish the key areas they needed to identify to develop a strategy that would deliver the growth that they wanted over the next three years.

Feedback from Chris Henderson MD Climb Creative

After a number of years of organic growth and taking each week as it came we reached a point where we needed a robust structure to take our business to the next level. Having recognised this need we began our search for an expert to realise our potential. This wasn’t easy in a market saturated with providers. We wanted to work with a company we felt comfortable with and who would relate too and understand our current dilemmas – after all we needed to ‘bear our soul’ and be completely transparent with our chosen provider.

We were patient and after building up a relationship over time chose Nevil at New Results Training to come on board and work with our two directors to get our business in to a leaner shape. Having had organic growth to date meant we had no plans in place.

We began by looking at our ideal vision of the future. This developed over many invaluable sessions digging deep and getting to the nuts and bolts of not only what made the business tick but, how we did as individuals. This was supported by the Growth Accelerator Program which was a great bonus.

The process resulted in having a solid three year plan of objectives and how we were going to get there, a 3 year business plan and working with a third party recommended by Nevil (and based on our goals) a three year financial forecast. We now have a solid, well thought through plan to make this all happen. We are now planning further development on specific areas such as personal development with New Results Training.

Thank you New Results Training, you have given Climb a purpose and a crystal clear goal.